Jumbo Loans In Chicago

If you're interested in purchasing a higher-priced home, a vacation home, or investment property in Chicago, a jumbo loan is designed just for you.

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The Benefits Of A Jumbo Loan

More Money: Add Up To $3 Million

A jumbo loan gives you the ability to purchase a more expensive home and property.

Low Down Payment

With a jumbo loan, you can put down as low as 10 percent.

Competitive Interest Rate

Interest rates for a jumbo loan are typically slightly lower than rates for a conventional loan.


With many options, borrowers can choose the type of jumbo loan that works best for them.

Do I Qualify?

Here are the requirements if you’re considering applying for a jumbo loan.

  • Credit Score Of 680 Or Higher
  • A Low Debt-To-Income Ratio
  • Proof Of Consistent Income

Frequently Asked Questions

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